There are many questions and debates around coaching and the value of having a coach. Why would you need a coach if you are a successful business executive or entrepreneur? There is a misconception that a coach needs to be able to do what you can, but only better.

Why do great swimmers, runners or golfers need coaches? A sports coach would more than likely not be able to swim as fast as the person they are coaching, if they could why would they not be in the pool winning the gold medal themselves? So why would a sport professional use the services of a coach? Well in the sporting arena selecting and working with the right coach, plays a big a part of the sportsman’s success as their talent is. Why? Well a great sports coach sees potential, often beyond an individuals own belief, the coach helps set goals and milestones on the path to success, they set and make sure you stick to a structured training schedule, they finds ways to help you increase your performance, identifying where you can improve and push you to the limit. Some of the greatest sportsmen credit their success to their coaches. When you wake up and are feeling exhausted and don’t feel like training there is a coach waiting at the pool or on the sports field waiting to help you reach your dream. 

Why is coaching in the workplace any different to coaching on the sports field? The role of your coach is the same. They will push you, hold you accountable, drive you to set goals and give you support at all times. Your coach does not need to be an expert in YOUR field that’s your role. In saying this it is important to select the right coach.

Here are a few pointers:

    Make sure you connect with your coach

You will be sharing your greatest fears and limiting beliefs with your coach, so you need to connect and trust your coach.

    Ask and check references

Chatting with someone who has made the use of your coach and could give you honest feedback will set your mind at ease.

    Discuss your expectations and outcomes

Explain what you want to achieve and make sure you set outcomes with a coach.

    Understand your coaches methodology and philosophy

Understand the process of the coaching relationship, what will your coach expect from you and what do you expect from your coach.

    Ensure your coach is able to support and challenge you.

Your coach is there to support you on your growth path and should also be there to challenge you, just the same as a sports coach will push a sportsman. 


If you have been thinking about coaching but not taken the first step contact me for a non-obligatory discussion. The investment in a good coaching program will pay for itself and you will reap the rewards.

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