Coach Sonja Shear says - Leaders Light The Fire Within

Why are executive leadership development programmes so crucial for businesses? Surely if you are an executive in a company you are a leader, right? Wrong! It does not take much to be a manager, but it's a whole different thing being a Leader. Many people do not understand the importance of leadership development, and how […]

AI vs EQ - Coach Sonja Shear

With the ever-evolving changes in Artificial intelligence (AI) we are seeing more and more tasks being carried out by machines. Many industries and employees are questioning their future and sustainability as machines replace man. One thing we know a machine cannot do is express emotions. Yes, a robot can be interactive and even talk to you, […]

Why CEO’s Need the help of a Business Coach

Whether it be a Business Coach or a Leadership and Executive coach, coaching will guide you to greater personal and business success. No matter how big or small your organisation is, leaders cannot work in isolation. They need the support of their colleagues and their teams for them to reach their business goals. When faced with challenges, it takes a great business owner or leader to recognise their shortcomings and look within when it comes to making changes to short or long-term strategies.
Business Coach Sonja Shear - why CEO's needthe help of a business coach
Life at the top can be lonely, no matter what type of leader you are. That is why you need a safe space where individuals can express their fears and concerns, vent their frustration and use you as a sounding board to bounce off their ideas. Your colleagues or teams may fear or sugar-coat their feedback to you, either for fear of saying the wrong thing or not having the right answers themselves. By appointing an experienced leadership and executive coach, you will enter this safe space where you can share your ideas, define your desires, express your vulnerability all without the fear of being judged or of letting your team down.

As a small to a medium-sized business owner, business coaching will serve to support you in making decisions that will lead to your growth and success. Your coach will assist you to focus firstly on your personal goals and objectives and then your business objectives and planned path to success. Your business coach will guide you in your business principles, help you clarify your goals and offer support in making the tough decisions.

Larger or corporate organisation's leaders or executives are faced with different challenges, often being responsible to shareholders or an executive board. Executive coaching focuses on being a supportive sounding board for executives and leaders. Your executive coach or leadership coach should have some level of experience within the executive space. This way, they can give you the support that they know you will need. Executives often have personal fears on presenting something to a board of directors, for fear of retribution if they get it wrong. Your Executive coach will help you play your idea out in your head, question you, push you and ensure you are challenging yourself.

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